Help and Frequently Asked Questions

  • Most Common Questions
  • What is 99turkiye?

    99turkiye is a marriage site to help people who are looking for their soulmate to connect and find each other in a safe, reliable environment. If you are single and looking, why not try us out ?

  • I forgot my password. How do I get it back?

    You can be reminded of your password by going to this page. Alternatively, at the top of the page, in the login area, there is a link 'Forgot Your Password?'. Select this option and you will be prompted to enter your email address. Further instruction on retrieving your password will be emailed to you.

  • Why does 99turkiye have such strict rules?

    99turkiye is not a site for friendship or chatting. 99turkiye is a site for people looking for their marriage partner. If you are serious about finding your soulmate you will not have any problem with the rules. The rules are to ensure only serious people are in 99turkiye.

  • How long does it take for my profile to be approved?

    At most, 3 days. Please note that we do not accept all profiles. We regret that we cannot accept all profiles, we only accept profiles that we see as serious and will fit well with the 99turkiye community. Make sure you follow all rules for profile creation to ensure that your profile is considered for approval. We do not reply to messages asking for exceptions to profile approval.

  • My profile has been rejected yet. What should I do?

    We revise all profiles that are complete. We regret that we cannot accept all profiles, we only accept profiles that we see as serious and will fit well with the 99turkiye community. If your profile is not accepted within 3 days of creating it then your profile is not accepted. Sorry but we do not reply to messages asking why a profile has been rejected.

  • My profile was suspended. How can I get it back?

    All suspensions are final. We will not reply to messages asking for information why your profile was suspended. Please do not create a new profile on 99turkiye as it will be suspended as well.

  • I have a problem with a member. What should I do?

    Please help us keep 99turkiye the top quality site only with honest, decent people. If you know of someone who does not belong on our site then please report this member. In the member profile page there is a link 'Report Member'. Use this option if you feel a member is being dishonest or offensive.

  • Why do I get the message "You cannot contact this member because you do not match the requirements set by this member." when I try to contact some members ?

    You receive this message because the member has selected some criteria, such as age, religion or marital status, of who can contact that member. You do not fit those criteria so you cannot contact that member.

  • 99turkiye Profile Questions
  • Do I have to fill out a profile to become active on 99turkiye?

    Yes. To be able to take advantage of all of the features offered here at 99turkiye, you must register, fill out a profile, and have that profile approved. You can do this by clicking on the "Join Now" button, in the top right hand corner of the 99turkiye home page. Your profile helps people to find you and to know more about you.

  • How much of my information will be visible in my profile?

    Your real name, email address and birthdate will not be visible to other members ever. All other profile information will be visible in your 99turkiye profile.

  • How do I edit my profile?

    Dans le menu, allez dans "Profil", sous qu'il ya une option pour vous permettre de "Editer mon profil". Depuis cette page vous pouvez modifier toutes les informations dans votre profil, y compris votre nom d'utilisateur et adresse email.

  • How do I hide my profile?

    From the 'My Account' page you can show or hide your profile. If your profile is hidden, you will not appear in search results, but you can still contact other members.

  • How do I add photos to my profile?

    In the menu, under 'Profile', there is an option 'My Profile Photos'. Select this option and then select 'Choose File' to select a photo from your computer to upload it to your profile.

  • How can I make my photos private ?

    You can choose to make your photos visible only to members that you add to your favourites list. Go to the 'My Profile Photos' page and click the option "My Photos are visible only to people I add to my Favourites". When you add a member to your favourites list, they can see your photos. When you remove a member from your favourites list, they can no longer see your photos..

  • How can I change my password?

    Go to the page 'My Account'. Inside this page there is a link 'Change My Password'.

  • How can I make my profile stand out from the rest?

    Make your profile stand out by writing as much about yourself as possible, and posting a number of different photos.

  • How do i deactivate my profile ?

    You can deactivate your profile by going to the 'My Account' page. In that page there is a link to deactivate your profile. If you deactivate your profile, you will not appear on the site in any searches, and you cannot send or receive any messages. Please note if your profile is deactivate for a long time, it will be automatically deleted.

  • Are my photos safe on your site? Can anybody copy my photos?

    Your photos are only visible to our registered members and we take some steps to protect your photos. Unfortunately, there is no way to make your photos 100% safe on ANY website. We offer an additional option to make your photos available only to people who you add to yor favourites.

  • Searching for Members
  • How do I search for someone if I know their username?

    In the main menu, there is an option to 'Search'. Hover over this option until the drop down menu appears and then select 'Username Search'. Type in the username you wish to find and select 'Search'

  • How can I see who is brand new to 99turkiye?

    In the main menu, there is an option to 'Search'. Hover over this option until the drop down menu appears and then select 'Newest Members'. All of 99turkiye's newest members will appear in chronological order.

  • Is there a way that I can see who has viewed my profile?

    Go to your 'Home' page. To the left, under 'Latest Activity', there is an option for you to see 'Who Viewed My Profile?'. Select this option and a list of all members who have viewed your profile recently will appear; along with the last time they visited your profile. You can also find who has recently viewed your profile by hovering over the 'Search Members' option in your menu bar.

  • I viewed someone recently that I would like to find again, but can't remember their username. Is there a way to see who I've recently viewed?

    In the center of the main menu, there is an option to 'Search Members'. Hover over this option until the drop down menu appears and then select 'Who I Viewed'. All of the 99turkiye members that you have viewed recently will appear.

  • How do I change My Matches?

    In the 'My Matches' page, you can click on the link 'Change My Match Preferences'. From here you will be able to make customizations for who you would like to show up in your search results.

  • How can I find out who's online right now?

    To the right of the main menu bar, there is an option for 'Who's Online?'.

  • I only want to see other members who have photos. How can I do this?

    Yes. In your customizable search options you can select for the search to only return member's profiles who have at least one profile picture.

  • Sending Messages, Winks and Chatting with Members
  • How do I send a message?

    At the bottom left of every member's profile there is an option for you to 'Send a Message'. Use this to get the attention of a member with a well thought out message to find out more about them!

  • How do I send a flirt?

    At the bottom left of every member's profile there is an option for you to 'Send a Flirt'. Sending a flirt just lets this member know that you're interested!

  • How do I stop someone from messaging me?

    At the bottom right of every member's profile there is an option for you to 'Block Member'. Use this if you do not wish to receive attention from this member.

  • Can I control who can send me messages and flirts?

    Yes you can. From the Profile menu, go to the page "Who can contact me?". Here you will find the options to control who can send your messages and flirts.

  • Is there a way for me to browse the site without anyone knowing I'm online?

    Yes. If you go to your 'Home' page and then select 'Edit My Profile', you will find an option to appear 'Hidden'.

  • How can I receive email notifications of when I have a new message, someone flirts with me, or has added me to their favorites?

    In the top right hand corner of the screen there is an option for 'Account Settings'. Select this option and the first tab will show 'Notification Settings'. Here you can customize what you are notified by email about.

  • How do I add someone to my favorites list?

    At the bottom right of every member's profile there is an option for you to 'Add to Favorites'. Use this option to add a member to your favorites list so that you can view their profile at a later time.

  • Can I share my experiences on 99turkiye on Facebook?

    Yes. Along the bottom of all 99turkiye pages is a social networking bar. Share your experiences on 99turkiye by selecting the 'Share Page' or 'Like' option.

  • General 99turkiye Questions
  • How do you differentiate yourself from other marriage sites?

    99turkiye is focussed 100% on quality. We only accept profiles of people who are serious about finding their life partner and we remove every day people who do not fit within the 99turkiye community.

  • How do I invite my friends to check out 99turkiye?

    In the bottom menu bar, there's an option to 'Invite Friends'. Select this option and then type in your email address and email account password. We will search your email address book and send out invites to your friends for you!

  • How do I get in touch with someone at 99turkiye for help?

    Please note we receive a lot of messages and we only answer questions that are not answered in this document, and we do not reply to questions asking why a profile is not approved, or a profile has been suspended, or asking for an exception to the rules of 99turkiye. To contact us, please use the link 'Contact Us'. Here you can get in touch with us with any comments, questions, or concerns.

  • How can I apply to work or volunteer for 99turkiye?

    Please see our Jobs Page. Here you can check out what jobs are available at 99turkiye and what the qualifications of each are. If you'd like to join our team, you can apply!